Tissue Slicer
Vibratome 1000:

This is our Basic Vibratome with manual Sectioning. All of the settings related to specimen thickness and sectioning are done by hand. Each specimen cut is advanced by a clockwise turn(s) of the section thickness knob.
Vibratome 1500:

This is an semi-automated Vibratome with settings for single and/or continuous mode of sectioning. Semi-automated sectioning allows the user to enter section thickness and number of sections.
Vibratome 3000 plus:

This is a fully automated Vibratome with a Deluxe User Interface. The full English text display offers a user friendly interface for your sectioning parameters. Capable of manual or ‘hands free’ sectioning, this microtome also includes an electronic sectioning window, section bypass, superior blade holder, fully automated blade positioning and a 3 year preventative maintenance contract.
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