Products Oxygen & pH Microsensors Single-Channel Oxygen Meter: Microx TX3
Needle-Type Housing Fiber-Optic Oxygen Microsensor
Needle-Type Housing with Fixed Oxygen Microsensor
Single-Channel pH Meter: pH-1 micro
Needle-Type Housing Fiber-Optic pH Microsensor

Oxygen & pH Minisensors Single-Channel Oxygen Meter: Fibox 3
Oxygen Dipping Probe
Flow-Through Cell with Integrated Planar Oxygen Sensor
Planar Oxygen-Sensitive Spot
Singe-Channel pH Meter:pH-1 mini
Flow-Through Cell with Integrated Planar pH Sensor
Planar pH-Sensitive Spot

Systems for Online Monitoring of Oxygen & pH SDR SensorDish® Reader
OxoDish® - 24-well
HydroDish® - 24-well
OxoPlate® - 96-well
HydroPlate® - 96-well

Bioprocess Control Setups Shake Flask Control
Small Fermenters & Spinner Flasks

Tissue Slicer Vibratome Series

Stereotaxis Equipment Digital Stereotaxis System

OEM Custom Applications Electro Optical Module with Minioptic
Electro Optical Module with Microoptic

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