Bioprocess Control - Shake Flask Control
We offer non-invasive oxygen and pH measurement in disposable shake flasks. The whole system is compatible to the existing shakers. Sterile Flasks of all common volumes with either oxygen or pH or both sensor spots are offered.


  • Non-invasive oxygen measurement
  • Online measurement of oxygen supply
  • Precise even in small flasks
  • Easy handling
Bioprocess Control - Small Fermenters & Spinner Flasks
Polymer Optical Fiber for Use with Minisensors (POF)

The polymer fibers (POF) for oxygen, pH and temperature measurements are compatible to all minisensor instruments. They are to be used for customized applications based on the respective sensor foil (SP-xx), e.g. in applications where small spots are glued, for example, inside glass vials (e.g. cell culture flask) and the analyte concentration can be measured non-invasively and non-destructively from outside through the transparent wall of the flask.


  • The POF diameter is 2 mm, the outer diameter, including the black cladding is app. 2.8 mm
  • The standard length for the POF is 2.5 m.
  • For POF lengths of more than 5 m (maximum 20 m) please contact our service team.
  • SMA connectors on both sides available to use it together with Stick-on adapter and ARC adapter
  • The POF is resistant to temperatures up to 70 C
  • The POF does not stand autoclaving conditions (130 C, 1.5 atm)
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